What:  Presenting Kandou’s vision and innovative high-performance, low-power chip communications solutions in one-on-one meetings with institutional investors during the JP Morgan Tech Stars conference.

Who:  Kandou’s Dr. Amin Shokrollahi, Founder and CEO

When: Monday, October 2, through Wednesday, October 4.

Where: Canary Wharf, London.

On October 2nd, an exclusive afternoon event will gather 100 eminent CEOs and investors to engage in discussions and networking focused on the tech sector. The agenda extends to October 3rd, a day open to both CEOs and CFOs, featuring a brief presentation and a fireside chat Q&A session with our CEO, Amin Shokrollahi. Additionally, Kandou will participate in one-on-one meetings facilitating deeper discussions about the company.

About Dr. Amin Shokrollahi

Dr. Shokrollahi stands as one of Switzerland’s foremost inspiring entrepreneurs, with a global reputation as a specialist in data transmission. His illustrious career includes a tenure as the Chief Scientist at Digital Fountain, a company acquired by Qualcomm that specialized in data transfer over unreliable networks. A prolific inventor, Dr. Shokrollahi invented the widely standardized Raptor codes, integrated into several major technological standards including 3GPP, DVB, and IPTV, and developed Chord™ signaling, the seminal technology behind Kandou. In recognition of his substantial contributions to the field, he has been honoured with several prestigious IEEE awards and medals.

About Kandou

Kandou is a fabless semiconductor company that offers differentiated and fundamental interconnect technology. In addition to building semiconductors for advanced standards in USB and PCIe applications, Kandou silicon and IP solutions lower power consumption and improve the performance of wired connectivity. Kandou’s solutions unlock new capabilities for customer systems and devices ranging from consumer electronics to datacenters, AI and machine learning, and high-performance computing. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Saint-Sulpice, Switzerland, with offices in Europe, North America and Asia.