Kandous’s new office to accommodate sales, field and corporate applications, testing and debug labs, and quality assurance.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND –– APRIL, 28, 2022 –– Kandou, an innovative leader in high-speed, energy- efficient chip-to-chip link solutions to improve the way the world connects and communicates, today opened its first office in Taipei, Taiwan.

The new Kandou facility will strengthen Kandou’s global footprint with the office accommodating sales, field and corporate applications alongside testing, debug and quality assurance lab capabilities.

Kandou intends to expand its operations in Taiwan and AsiaPac as new opportunities develop.

It’s important for us to have a consistent presence in Taiwan. Several of our customers and key partners are in Taiwan including our wafer fabrication, packaging and test partners who will work closely with our Taiwan team.

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William Chen, Kandou’s Taiwan country manager